Coconut Chocolates

I’m trying to not have dairy at the moment for a few reasons, and with Easter on the way I wanted to be prepared, to make sure I had some type of alternative to the filthy store bought chocolate I knew was going to be mass consumed around me.  Necessity is the mother of invention they say…or someone said.  So that’s how these were born.  Needless to say portion control and I have never really been besties, so instead of having one little store bought egg, I ate these…..all weekend.  They are sooooo good!, and because you know exactly what’s in them you can have more than one, but maybe not the whole lot (take it from me).  These are best kept in the freezer as they don’t do well in the heat, but trust me its best if you don’t see them every time you open the fridge anyway.



1 heaped cup of Coconut

2 tbs Cocoa

1/4 cup Coconut oil

2 tbs 100% Maple Syrup


How To Do It:

Melt your coconut oil (if its not already) and combine all ingredients in a bowl.  I used a tea spoon to spoon into moulds then refrigerate for a few hours before trying to pop out of moulds.  Keep refrigerated or in the freezer as I said before.


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